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Stabiliser Links

Shop the anti-roll bar link collection at My Motor World today. An anti-roll bar link, also known as a sway bar or stabiliser link, is a vital component of a car's suspension system, helping to control body roll during cornering and maintain stability while driving. This ensures that the vehicle stays responsive, giving the driver complete control. We have a variety of options to choose from in this collection for a range of different motor makes and models. Find the right fit for your car now by using our car parts number plate tool.



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Drive with confidence with our anti-roll bar collection. Our stabiliser links are meticulously engineered to minimise body roll and maximise traction, ensuring you stay firmly planted on the road, no matter the driving conditions. We offer a choice of rear and front anti-roll bars in this range, suitable for a variety of car makes and models.

Like our wider car parts collection, these anti-roll bar links are expertly crafted with your safety in mind. Sourced from renowned auto suppliers, our stabiliser links offer durability and reliability that you can trust.

Regular inspections and maintenance of stabiliser links are essential to ensure optimal suspension performance and safety. If signs of wear or damage are detected, it's important to replace the links promptly to maintain the integrity of the suspension system and ensure a smooth and stable ride.

Found the right anti-roll bar for your motor in this collection? Make sure to check out our wider suspension collection before you check out for shock absorbers, coil springs, suspension bushes, ball joints, and more. We also have a selection of steering components to browse in our wider suspension and steering range.

Buy a sway bar for your car from My Motor World today. We offer free UK standard delivery on orders over £25, so browse the full range now.

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