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Brake Pad Wear Sensors

Your vehicle's brake system is its first line of defence against potential hazards on the road, and a brake pad wear sensor from My Motor World can play a crucial role in maintaining this system. These car parts will give you an early warning when it’s almost time to replace your brake pads before they wear down to unsafe levels. Not sure which type of sensor is compatible with your car? Enter your reg number into our part finder, and we’ll do the rest.



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Every time you hit the brakes, your car’s braking system squeezes the brake pads against the brake disc, creating enough friction to gradually slow or stop your vehicle. But all that friction takes its toll, meaning the pads gradually wear down over time. And, when the pads are no longer thick enough to exert sufficient friction on the brake disc, they must be replaced in order to keep your vehicle roadworthy.

It can be hard to tell when you need to change the brake pads without manually checking. A brake pad sensor takes out the guesswork and removes the need for manual checks by automatically providing an early warning whenever the pad thickness is close to reaching a critical level — usually around 3mm for most makes and models. This saves you time and allows you to drive with confidence. And, as brake pads are one of the items on an MOT, a brake sensor could just help you avoid a costly fail result, too.

Here at My Motor World, we stock reliable brake pad sensors from some of the best auto brands on the market, with options to suit many popular makes and models. Use our car parts number plate tool to find the right brake wear sensor for you from My Motor World today.

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We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £25, so order a brake sensor with My Motor World now and save. To find more great deals, sign up to our member’s zone, where you can get access to exclusive perks, giveaways, and rewards.

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