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Oil Filters

Oil Filters are an important component to the running and health of your engine. Usually replaced as part of a regular oil and filter change, oil filters help keep your car’s oil clean and contaminant free...



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During engine operation, your oil is pushed through synthetic fibres in the oil filter that remove particles of dirt and debris, stopping key engine components from becoming clogged or even damaged. If the porous filter membrane becomes clogged it will no longer provide filtration for your oil.

Better quality oil filters will have smaller gaps in the filter, removing finer dirt particles from your oil or be made of a stronger more durable mesh that can be reused.

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Keeping your engine oil clean is key to maintaining a healthy engine. Engine oil works to keep your components well lubricated and collects contaminants and dirt particles out of the engine space. Not only that, but oil will also work to heat your engine up and bring the components up to the optimum working temperature.

How often should I replace my oil filter? We recommend an oil filter change every 6 months to ensure your oil remains free of any harmful dirt and particles. It is worthwhile, however, to check your vehicle handbook as the recommended interval will depend on the make and model. When replacing your oil filter, it’s critical to change your engine oil too.

For best results when fitting your oil filter apply a small amount of engine oil to the rubber gasket at the base of the filter. This will help prevent the filter from sticking and create a thorough seal, avoiding leakage.

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