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Lambda Sensors

Look for a lambda sensor at My Motor World today and get plenty of great prices on this vital car component. The lambda sensor, also known as the oxygen sensor, is a small probe situated inside the car exhaust. It is between the exhaust manifold and the catalytic converter. If you own a newer vehicle, there will be two oxygen sensors, and the second one will be located right behind the catalytic converter. Browse the lambda sensor range today.



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Shop for a car oxygen sensor today and find great prices on a wide variety of reputable brands and products. The lambda sensor adjusts the fuel amount that is sent to your vehicle’s engine cylinders by optimising the air and fuel mixture, which keeps the engine running smoothly. Additionally, this lowers the harmful gas emissions rate by keeping the catalytic converter operating correctly — meaning it can clean up the fumes as they exit the car.

The lifetime of a car lambda sensor is usually around 93,000 miles driven, but this is influenced by many factors, namely the anomalies of your car’s engine. Leaks from the car’s exhaust can also damage the oxygen sensor.

As well as lambda sensor replacements, we also stock plenty of exhaust components, including heat exchangers, injection units, exhaust system parts, and secondary air pumps. We have everything you need to keep your car’s exhaust system in top condition.

Shop for lambda oxygen sensors at My Motor World today and use our handy car lookup tool to locate the right part for your car. Buy online today with free UK delivery on all orders over £25.

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