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Drive Belts

Find your next alternator belt at My Motor World today and keep your car running optimally. The alternator belt, also known as a drive belt or a serpentine belt, is a single, continuous belt used to drive multiple peripheral devices in a car’s engine. These devices include alternators, water pumps, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, and air pumps. Browse the collection of drive belts today for your next replacement.



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Serpentine belts are located under the vehicle hood and found in cars made before 1990, but if you have a newer car you will have instead a timing belt or v-belt. It’s important to choose drive belt that fits the model of your car, so use our handy product finder to make sure you’re buying a belt that is compatible with your motor.

A serpentine belt transmits power between the car’s air conditioner compressor, water pump, steering pump and alternator. A v-belt uses a crank and pulley system, and typically travels between one or two engine accessories. A timing belt links the car’s crankshaft to its camshaft, helping the engine’s pistons rotate.

Usually, these belts need changing after around every 50,000 miles of usage, but you should also regularly check the belts to ensure that they haven’t worn down, as this is a sign you’ll need a new one. As well as offering plenty of choices for your next drive belt replacement, we also stock plenty of other automotive belts, such as timing chains and kits, as well as belt tensioners and idlers.

Buy an alternator belt replacement at My Motor World today and choose from a range of reputable brands. Join our membership programme for all your car maintenance needs. Shop online today!

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