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Fuel Injectors

Purchase a replacement fuel injector at My Motor World today and enjoy fantastic prices, along with convenient UK-wide delivery straight to your door. A fuel injector is a device that delivers fuel into an engine's combustion chamber in a fine mist, allowing it to mix with air for more efficient burning and power generation. Buy this vital engine part today, with free UK delivery on orders over £25.



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Browse the range of fuel injectors in our collection today and find plenty of options from top quality automotive brands for fantastic prices. The car parts in this collection are all selected to be durable, and we have a range of parts on offer for various makes and models of vehicle, so you’re sure to find the one that fits your car. Use our handy product finder to narrow down your search and locate the exact item you need for your car’s make and model.

It's important that your car is able to dispense the right amount of fuel to keep your vehicle running and in order to be as fuel-efficient as possible. It’s possible that with wear and tear, a car injector can become clogged and need replacing. When getting new car fuel injectors, you should replace them all at the same time, so it is possible you’ll need more than one.

As well as fuel injector replacements, we stock plenty of other fuel engine and management parts, including fuel injection parts, fuel pumps, EGR valves, fuel supply valves, and fuel hoses. You can also check out our membership programme for access to exclusive discounts and deals, earn reward points, and take part in free giveaways and prize draws.

Shop for car injectors at My Motor World and get great prices on these components, along with convenient UK-wide delivery straight to your door. Buy online today.

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