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Brake Calipers

Look for brake calipers today at My Motor World, and get the parts you need for this important repair at a low cost. Brake calipers house your vehicle’s brake pistons and brake pads; they slow your car’s wheels by creating friction with the car’s brake discs. Effectively, the brake calipers fit like clamps onto the wheel rotors to prevent them from turning when your feet are on the brakes. Buy these important parts today and keep your brake system roadworthy.



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Get both front and rear brake calipers today, and keep your car’s brake system updated and roadworthy. Not only is your brake system crucial for keeping your car safe, but ensuring that it is working correctly will also make your car much more pleasant to drive, starting and stopping smoothly.

Over time, the heat generated within the braking system can weaken and wear down the brake calipers themselves, and like any other car parts, they can become rusty and dirty.

As well as brake calipers, we stock everything else you might need to maintain this system, such as: brake pads, discs, drums, and shoes, as well as handbrake cables, brake pad wear sensors and brake fitting kits. So, you’ll never have to worry about accessing the parts you need. Check out our membership programme for all your car maintenance requirements.

Shop for car replacement brake calipers at My Motor World today, and pick from our speedy and express delivery options to get your car parts delivered as quickly as possible. Buy online now.

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