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Cabin Filters

Cabin filters, also known as pollen filters or cabin air filters, catch small particles like pollen, ambient dust, and exhaust fumes from the air..



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If you suffer from allergies like hay fever or asthma, it’s a good idea to ensure that your cabin filter is changed regularly, otherwise, dust and allergens will be pushed through your HVAC system. As well as providing cleaner, safer air, cabin filters will help stop smells from entering your ventilation system.

To ensure your cabin is left with clear air we recommend changing your filter every 15,000km or 1 year, whichever comes first.

Use our registration lookup feature to find the best fit for your car and choose from our range of TJ Filters.

If you do want to change your cabin filter, it’s one of the easier jobs to undertake on your car. Check the owner’s service manual for where yours is located, but usually, you’ll find it hidden behind the glove box. Simply locate the filter, remove the old one and place a new filter in its place.

Ensure you find the right air filter for your cabin and use our registration lookup feature. Choose from our range of TJ Filters, K&N Filters and UFI cabin air filters.

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