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Handbrake Cables

Shop at My Motor World for handbrake cables today and find plenty of cables for great prices. Handbrake cables are made of steel and connect the handbrake lever to the parking brakes themselves. They play a critical role in engaging and disengaging the parking brake, making them an essential part of your car’s braking system. Ensure the safety of your car by replacing worn handbrake cables as soon as possible.



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Car handbrake cables act as the link between the handbrake lever in the cabin and the brake mechanism on the wheels. When you pull the handbrake lever, the cables tighten, applying pressure to the brake mechanism, which in turn engages the parking brake. This prevents your vehicle from rolling when parked on inclines or flat surfaces, providing an extra level of safety.

Over time, handbrake cables can wear out due to constant use, exposure to the elements, or corrosion. If the handbrake doesn’t work or the car doesn’t brake entirely when the handbrake is engaged, you may need a handbrake cable replacement. To find the right replacement for your car, simply enter your vehicle’s make and model or registration number to get the right component.

To keep your braking system in good condition, we also sell plenty of other brake system components, such as brake pads, shoes, and drums, as well as brake fitting kits and brake hydraulic parts. With over 70,000 car products in stock, there’s a reason we’re rated Excellent by members.

Shop the handbrake cable collection  at My Motor World and choose one of our express delivery options if you’re in a hurry — or check out our membership programme to access exclusive members rewards, discounts, and upgraded delivery options.

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