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Oil Pumps

The oil pump is a vital component of your vehicle's engine, responsible for circulating engine oil to lubricate moving parts, reduce friction, and dissipate heat. If you’re looking for a replacement, you’ll find a wide range of oil pumps at My Motor World suitable for a variety of makes and models of vehicles.



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Neglecting a faulty or worn engine oil pump can damage your engine due to a lack of lubrication. You’ll know if your oil pump is faulty if you notice the oil warning light flashing or hear knocking noises coming from your engine. Prompt replacement of a faulty oil pump is essential to prevent engine damage and ensure reliable performance.

Our car oil pump selection includes a variety of options to suit different vehicle makes and models. Simply use our number plate lookup tool to find the right engine part for your car.

Buy an oil pump for your car engine at My Motor World with free UK delivery on orders over £25. Repairing your engine’s lubrication system? Shop our range of oil filters, sump plugs, and replacement dipsticks. Members get access to exclusive rewards, discounts, and upgraded delivery, so sign up for My Member Perks today — it’s free!

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