Give your car wheels the superhero treatment with Wonder Wheels! The UK’s leading brand for wheel cleaning products and winner of the Auto Express Product Honours award 13 times. The Wonder Wheels product range is unrivaled in making your wheels look brand new; from alloy cleaners and protective sealants to tyre wall dyes and dressings, Wonder Wheels does it all! For a look that lasts, choose Wonder Wheels.

You wouldn’t walk around in muck-covered shoes that are stained with grime, would you? Then don’t let your wheels do the same! With our alloy cleaning and tyre enhancement products, you can make your wheels the envy of the road. Easily bust brake dust and eliminate road grime with these powerful cleaning formulations. Find everything you need to clean and protect your wheels in this focused product range.  

Wheel Cleaners

Tyre Dressing

The Complete Wheel & Tyre Solution

Wonder Wheels offers the complete solution to ensuring your wheels and tyres remain cleaner for longer and are completely protected against the elements. Deep clean your wheels with the colour active super wheel cleaner; the acid-free formulation easily removes baked on dust, road grime, dirt, grease and oil with minimal effort. Our revolutionary instant wheel sealant leaves a nano-film barrier that protects against the build-up of brake dust, road grime and dirt. 

Affordable And Effective Wheel Cleaning

If you are anything like us then you are passionate about cars and know that the state of your wheels can make or break the look of your own. With Wonder Wheels specialized cleaning solutions you can free your alloys and tyres of road pollutants to keep your wheels in great shape with ease. Products that are great for all types of wheels, with all of the power and none of the danger due to the acid-free formulations and lab-tested results.

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