Get the power with Nitrox! These high-performance fuel additives are the perfect solution to kick your vehicle into high gear. Through our Motorsport sponsorships, we have had the opportunity to test our fuel additives in a racing environment to attain approval from high caliber drivers. If you are looking for a performance boost, BHP increase, and better acceleration - Nitrox Fuel additives are precisely what you need!

Not only are our fuel additives race-tested and street-legal, but they also come in two variants -Diesel and Petrol! Our additives and system cleaners are great for passenger cars but can also be used in motorcycles, quad bikes, and even farm machinery. Achieve performance and rejuvenate your vehicle’s fuel systems with Nitrox!

Petrol Additives

Diesel Additives

Nitrox® Clean Cat™

Get the power with Nitrox® Clean Cat™ fuel & exhaust system cleaner. This multi-purpose formula contains technically advanced additives specially designed to clean, restore, and bring your entire fuel and exhaust system back to life. Nitrox Clean Cat will optimize fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, improve torque, throttle response and boost your BHP.


Nitrox® Max Blast™

Nitrox® Petrol & Diesel Max Blast™ contain advanced addtives specially designed to clean, protect, and give your entire fuel system and combustion chambers the detox it needs. These additives get to work immediately and clean key engine parts, such as injector valves, pistons, intake manifolds, cylinder head and combustion chambers.


Boost Your Performance With Nitrox

Our technically advanced additives work to improve MPG, reduce emmisions, and give your entire engine and fuel system the detox it needs. The powerful formulations enhance performance, optimise fuel efficiency and restore lost power almost immediately. 

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