Nilco, The professional’s choice! Whether it's for housekeeping, washrooms or catering, Nilco has the essentials to keep any area clean and sanitary. Formulated and made in the United Kingdom, Nilco is used in both business and home spaces due to the wide array of solutions it can deliver to make any environment feel brand new! 

Nilco is the complete solution to clean and sanitize your home, workplace & vehicle. Nilco ensures that bacteria and viruses have no place to hide once in use! Our products are trusted by professionals as we have carried out extensive research into cleaning surfaces technology that goes directly into further design of all of our solutions. For a cleaning product range that has it all and does it better, choose Nilco!

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Glass Cleaner

Colour Coded Cleaning

The Really Good Stuff

This gentle but tough abrasive gel hand cleaner is a natural, environmentally friendly way to effectively remove oil, grease, paints, dirt, and grime. Our gel hand cleaner features a blend of organic cleansers to lift contaminants from the skin. The solvent free formulas are produced with citrus oil, natural conditioners and added aloe vera extract to moisturize and protect hands that are hard at work! 


Nilco has the complete solution to cleaning and sanitising your home, workplace & vehicle, ensuring bacteria and viruses have no place to hide. Our products are trusted by professionals with scientific research into cleaning surface technology and skin sanitising. All Nilco products are compatible, giving the users confidence to know that not only are your surfaces clean, but also free from contaminants and harmful bacteria. We are dedicated to producing safe, quality products which continue to meet and satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers. We record and monitor all aspects of Quality Management, including objectives and targets, audit reporting, document control and training records.

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