At Hycote, we pride ourselves in conducting extensive testing and using the latest coating technologies to ensure our paints always give you professional results with superior coverage, extreme durability, super-fast drying and superbly smooth finish. 

Since 1982, Hycote has worked closely with the trade, independent retailers, and consumers to continuously deliver professional quality paints, coatings and maintenance products. 

Double Acrylic Paints

Touch Up Colour Brush

Bodyshop Paints


High quality acrylic spray paints

Hycote Acrylic spray paints are high-quality paints that offer superior coverage, exceptional adhesion, and great durability. Designed to be suitable for use on metals, ceramics, plastics, and wood. Hycote paints are fast drying and compatible with acrylic, and cellulosic paintwork finishes so you can rely on Hycote to meet all your needs.

The Perfect Finish

High Temperature Paints

Hycote high temperature paints a range of premium quality, high temperature matt finishes with outstanding adhesion to bare ferrous metals, and excellent covering power. This range of self-priming paints, are designed primarily for use on components exposed to arduous operating conditions as the paints can withstand temperatures of up to 650°C.

About Hycote

Hycote has manufactured paints, coatings and maintenance products in the UK since 1982. Working closely with the trade, independent retailers and consumers, we continuously strive to be the best. Our state-of-the-art technical centre researches the latest coating technologies and houses the latest coating test equipment. Hycote products give professional results with superior coverage, extreme durability, super-fast drying with no runs or drips.

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