Some time ago, a mythological legend was sparked that would transform the world of car detailing for eternity. The range was coined Car Gods, mirroring the quality of the products and the almighty beings that created them. The range includes over 100 of the finest technologically advanced products to cover all aspects of vehicle detailing, from pre-cleaning and decontamination, to protection and restoration. Named after the Gods they reflect, this divine range of car detailing products is a collection for the virtuous, and those who believe in detailing immortality.

Your car deserves supreme treatment and our range of ultimate performance, professional quality detailing products will deliver nothing less than Godly perfection. From pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration.

Detailing Kits

Shampoo & Snow Foam

Wheels & Tyres




The folklore from which Car Gods products are developed is our comprehensively equipped and expertly staffed Technical Centre, where our Science Gods strive to constantly improve formulations, as well as finding new ways to advance detailing without compromise. All Car Gods products are developed and manufactured in the UK in our production facility, and feature patented formulas unique to the product range


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