Have no fear, Bluecol is here! Trusted since 1937 – Bluecol has been a pioneer in creating innovative patented formulations to suit both commercial and domestic needs! Not only restricted to winter, we also provide a full range of premium maintenance and accessory products to cater to all seasons of the year!    

For many years Bluecol was the original fill for many different vehicles such as Jaguar, Land Rover and MG. Bluecol is also trusted by many different car companies and commercial truck operators. 



Antifreeze for all Makes and Models

What colour Anti-Freeze? Now it’s clear! Bluecol’s universal Top-up Antifreeze coolant now comes in clear and is suitable for all vehicles. Providing protection down to -36 degrees at a 50% dilution rate. Bluecol is guaranteed to keep your vehicle at optimum operation during the winter season.

Winter Car Care

Protecting engine cooling systems since 1937

Bluecol is the original No. 1 Premium Anti-freeze brand and has protected engine cooling systems since 1937. Bluecol continues to grow and create Innovative formulations while ensuring that our range provides a wide range of cleaning, maintenance and accessory products that are beneficial to all drivers and for all seasons.

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